Stalls 2020

We are happy to welcome a range of stalls that sell hand-made or similar goods made by Pagan crafts-people, with an emphasis on those from the South West, to the spring conference.

We have a full complement of stalls again this year. Speakers and performers will usually have their own wares (e.g. books or music) on sale as well.  Here are a few examples of stalls attending.

AYa – Headz of Dreadz, Soul Spirit Dolls and Shamanic Tools. Headz of Dreadz is a fun way of adding colour and texture to your hair and can be worn to represent the seasons/festivals etc… Soul Spirit Dolls are created from dance and shamanic journeying. The wisdom is then infused into a doll which acts as a vessel for the soul part. Kowan Seer is a selection of shamanic tools. FYI AyaHeadzofDreadzSoulSpiritDoll, KowanSeer

Cerri Lee and Damh the Bard – Bronze and Silver jewellery, ceramic art by Cerri Lee, and CDs and songbooks from Damh the Bard. FYI and

Craft By The Craft –  create handmade Jewellery for the Pagan community including ritual headbands, Moongazing Hare pendants and nature-based items. We create all of our items in our little workshop in Cornwall by hand and so no two pieces are ever exactly the same. FYI   OR

Journeys in Otherworlds – Cards will be available for sale for the first time ever of the Sacred Art featured on our website.

Journeys in otherworlds

Levannah Morgan – this year I will be selling my selection of Goddess and magically-inspired shawls, hats and scarves, made from rare, organic and hand-dyed yarns (silk, alpaca, tweed, Shetland wool etc) and other handmade knitted and textile items.
I  will also be selling remnants of vintage discontinued Halloween fabrics by Debbie Mumm, and, due to downsizing, some items from my collection of magical artefacts and amber jewellery.”

The Simmering Cauldron – A long-established stall based in Mid Wales selling traditional incense and censers, essential oils, books, crystals, altar figurines and tools. The Simmering Cauldron is an occasional pagan event stall offering knowledge, materials and artefacts relating to incense, smudging and essential oils.
Plus this only year only we have a stock of ‘sale’ items following on from the closure of our shop. Up to 50% off books, figurines and clothing.
FYI  website or look for ‘The Simmering Cauldron’ on Facebook.