Phoenix Conversations

Welcome to ‘Phoenix Conversations’. Born out of the pandemic closures and the postponment of the Spring conference, Pagan Phoenix SW decided to invite a number of well known and respected pagans to discuss various topics of pagan interest, share their experiences during the pandemic, and look to the future of paganism.

We are happy to present the following talks and discussions.

Ecopaganism and the pandemic – with Alex Plows, Andy Letcher, and Adrian Harris –

Art and Magic – with Ethan Pennell, Dominic Shepherd and Jesse Branford –

Druidry and the pandemic – with Damh the Bard, Cerri Lee, Kristofer Hughes and Penny Billington –

All the ‘conservations’ are available via the link provided and via our YouTube channel –

Phoenix Conversations

Phoenix March 13th 2021.