Stalls policy and guidance

Pagan Phoenix stalls policy and guide for stall-holders

Pagan Phoenix SW is the Community Interest Company that runs the annual Pagan Spring Conference in North Cornwall.

The conference is an event where Pagans can celebrate, learn and enjoy together. In addition to a programme of speakers, we have a number of stalls selling Pagan-related goods and these are a very popular part of what we offer to our audience.

The conference is usually attended by about 250 people. The stalls are situated in a large room reserved for shopping. We have room for an absolute maximum of eighteen stalls.

Space is, therefore, limited and we usually have many more applications for stall space than we can accommodate, which inevitably means that we have to disappoint some people. Please read this guide carefully before applying for a stall. 

We do not allocate stalls on a “first come, first served basis”. This is because, with limited space, we have to ensure that we have a balance of stalls selling different goods (duplication being bad for both the audience and stallholders). We also know our audience reasonably well, so we try to choose things which we hope they will appreciate and which are as unique to us as possible. 

Our priority is, therefore, to provide stalls which sell hand-made or similar goods made by Pagan craftspeople, with an emphasis on those from the South West, as we like to support our local community. We tend not to have stalls from New Age or Pagan retail shops, as our audience can access these locally. People are looking for unique, Pagan items which they can only find at the conference. General, “festival” type goods do not sell well; again, people can get them elsewhere. We try to avoid anything which obviously damages Mother Earth, or which is clearly unethical or unfairly traded.  We cannot sell food or alcohol for licensing reasons and any herbal/ cosmetic/ bath etc products must come with a complete list of ingredients so as to avoid any allergy issues. We are looking for things that are special to the conference and clearly Pagan-related. Goods for sale should be of good quality, well-made and safe.

We welcome applications from craftspeople of all kinds and we love the skill, artistry and ingenuity which characterise the craftspeople and artists we are able to support.

Over the years, hand-made goods on sale have included jewellery, ceramics, wood carving, clothes (including robes and cloaks), soap, candles, incense, fragrances, plants and herbs, all manner of textile items, paintings, prints, cards, calendars, hand-made notebooks, leather work, pyrography, sculptures, rare second hand books and Pagan collectibles and much, much more. We are open to all kinds of good ideas.

We do not have a quiet space for personal services such as healing, or psychic, or divination practices.

It is important to be realistic. There will be up to 250 people in the audience, and although many of them save up for the conference and really enjoy some retail therapy, they don’t have unlimited buying power. We hope our stallholders all do well, but please don’t come with unrealistic expectations of making thousands and thousands of pounds. It is useful to bring goods with a range of prices; if you sell mainly high-value items, try to include some smaller inexpensive things as well.

Stall tickets cost £40, which entitles you to two tickets for the conference event. We also ask stallholders to donate a prize for our charity raffle, which is a very popular part of the day. This low price (the equivalent of two discounted tickets) recognises the important contribution stallholders make to the event.

We will provide you with one standard size stall table (please don’t ask for double stalls as we can’t do them) and seating for two people. You will have access to a plug socket. You may bring your own lighting if you wish but we will health and safety check this so please make sure it is safe and reliable. You will be able to set up on Saturday morning before the programme starts (we will provide you with full details later) and we will expect you have all baggage etc stowed and any cables safely taped by 9.00 am on Saturday morning. Most trading takes place in the breaks between talks and over lunch.  The stalls room needs to be cleared by 6.30 pm. 

Applying for a stall.

For new stallholders

If you would like to have a stall at our next conference, then please contact us here. Please tell us what you intend to sell and provide access to some images of your work.

Existing stallholders

If you had a stall with us before and have already reserved a stall you do not need to respond to this as we already have your booking. If you did not reserve a stall, please make sure we know you want one, before the deadline.

Applications for stalls should reach us by 31st August and you will hear back from us by the end of November at the latest.