Disability access and support

All Pagans, Witches, Druids, Heathens, Magicians and like-minded folk are equally welcome at our conferences, irrespective of ability, medical conditions etc. We aim to do everything we can to make your visit a happy one. Some members of our team are themselves disabled and others are carers so we hope that we have a reasonable level of disability awareness. We always strive to improve provision and try to take on board all positive suggestions for improvement.

Please discuss your needs with us as soon as possible, in advance of the conference, so that we can provide the best possible service for you. We aim in all things to be a friendly, accessible Pagan organization so please talk to us and discuss any special needs you may have.

Our conference venue is Penstowe Manor, a very Pagan-friendly holiday village centred on a 17th century manor house in North Cornwall. You can check out their facilities at www.penstoweholidays.co.uk. Some of the buildings at Penstowe are old, and disabled access to some areas is reasonable but not perfect. With this in mind, we provide specific stewarding for our disabled guests. The venue staff will also do everything they can to support you. We also take specific additional measures to support you which are detailed below.


Access to the main front entrance at Penstowe is ramped. We provide stewarded parking immediately outside the entrance for Blue Badge holders. As space here is a little limited, it helps us enormously if you can let us know in advance that you require a space (magic can and will be used to fit everyone in). We can also provide assistance to get you from your vehicle into the venue; again, please tell us in advance if you need this.

There is level access to the main conference room and to the restaurant, bar, and toilets, inside the building. The conference room has two seating areas. The lower one immediately in front of the stage has stepped access. If you wish to sit in this are we will provide stewards to help you down the steps and reserve seats for you. The main conference area has level access and tables. There is plenty of room around the tables for wheelchairs and we can reserve tables and seating here for you if you wish. About half of the stalls are situated in this area. The remaining stalls are in an upper area, up three steps which can be ramped, and we can provide assistance for you to access this area.

Guide and other assistance dogs are welcome. Please note these are the only animals allowed in the conference venue.

Accommodation at Penstowe

Many of our guests choose to stay for the weekend. The quiz and informal music on the Friday evening are great for getting to know people and are included in the price of your conference ticket.

All on-site accommodation is provided by Penstowe (NOT by Pagan Phoenix SW) and must be arranged directly with them. Accommodation is in self-catering chalets, and chalets with disabled access are available. Please make sure you discuss any specific needs with Penstowe when booking.


The on-site restaurant and bar are run by Penstowe (NOT by Pagan Phoenix SW). Vegetarian and vegan food are available. If you have other specific dietary requirements or allergies, please let Penstowe know so that they can make sure cater for you. Tables can be booked in advance with the staff at Penstowe.

Additional support

We hope that the measures listed here will help you to get the best out of the conference.

  • If you require the support of a carer/ facilitator to attend then we will provide you with two tickets for the price of one (just ask for a carer’s ticket when booking).
  • If you need to cancel your tickets because of your condition/related ill-health then we will refund the full price of your tickets (even at very short notice), no questions asked. This allows you to take full advantage of our early bird discounted ticket offers without worrying.
  • We can provide reserved seating and a table for you and your party throughout the day in the main conference seating area.
  • Our dedicated disability access stewards will provide specific help for you throughout the day, as and when you need it, but cannot fulfill the same role as your carer.
  • We will provide parking immediately outside the entrance for Blue Badge holders.

Please let us know when booking your tickets if you would like to access any of these measures, as this will help us to plan.

We will also attempt to provide any other particular forms of support for you if you tell us what you need in advance. Please do remember that Penstowe is situated in a rural area with limited infrastructure so we have to bring what we need with us as it may not be available locally.


Pagan Phoenix SW has signed up to the Code of Practice for behaviour at Pagan and Heathen events (see the full code). This means that our conference is a safe space where Pagans and like-minded folk can celebrate, enjoy and learn together. We will not tolerate abusive, threatening, discriminatory or insulting behaviour towards any of our guests, including people with disabilities. In the unlikely event of such behaviour occurring, the perpetrators will be removed immediately.

We hope this covers everything, but if there is anything that we have left out, or that you need, please ask (contact us).

We look forward to welcoming you to Penstowe! Penstowe agas dynargh!