Friday night music

Calling all musicians! On Friday evening, following the Fiendish Quiz, which this year will be brought to you by Damh and Cerri, there will be a folky jam session in the bar. Musicians and singers taking part will include Karen and Colin Cater, Pete Jennings and Sian Jamison. If you are a musician and/ or … More Friday night music

Kristoffer Hughes – Speaker 2020

Cerridwen – Witch, Muse, Goddess? Join Kristoffer on a remarkable journey into the deep past to discover who Cerridwen is, where she came from, and how she has survived in the literal tradition for over 1,500 years.  Discover the surprising, complex and illuminating history of one of Pagandom’s most loved divine spirit. With brand new research … More Kristoffer Hughes – Speaker 2020