Future Workshops

Levannah Morgan – The Magic of Moon and Tides
This workshop, based on Levannah’s recent book, A Sea Witch’s Companion, is an introduction to practical spell casting and charm-making harnessing the power of the tides and the moon. You will learn how to make your magic effective by working with lunar and tidal rhythms and how to work with the energies of spring and neap tides and low and high water for different magical purposes. Levannah will demonstrate several spells that you can use for yourself at home. She will also show you how to make a variety of charms based on materials found on the seashore that will help you forge a relationship with the sea and moon deities and enrich your magical practice.
Bio. Levannah Morgan has been a practising witch for over thirty years. She grew up in a coastal village and the sea has been at the heart of her magical practice ever since she can remember. She has run Pagan conferences and taught workshops for many years and trains students in sea witchcraft and the mysteries of the goddess and gods. She founded the Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft, is a former vice president of the Pagan Federation and is active in a number of Pagan and witchcraft organisations. She works as an artist and filmmaker.
Click here for the book A Sea Witch’s Companion.

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