Future Workshops

Harvey & Michele TW- Divination of the Norns
Our workshop will begin with a short introduction to the Nornir, what their roles are, and some concepts around them.  Our primary focus is to invoke the Nornir and receive their council as a group activity.  
Each participant will be asked to submit a simple question on a piece of paper and their name on another. Supported by the workshop leaders and the working group, participants will be called by the spirits, go under the veil, take a question, draw a rune, and offer a few words of divination.
As a workshop is a short period of time this will be a light aspect. We intend each person to briefly become a vehicle for the visiting spirit whose energy will be held within the fabric of the veil. Going under this veil will aid the aspect, taking off the veil returns us to the self. To reassure those who would like to join us but are not familiar with the runes the divination will be in the form of specially made cards displaying a depiction of the rune with some suggested keywords.
Bio. Harvey & Michele are Pagans and Shamanic Practitioners and have been involved in community-focused Paganism in Devon and Cornwall since 1999.
In everyday life, Harvey is a Marine Biologist and Michele is an Artist.
For more information, please visit our website-Journeys in Otherworlds

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