Ticket Prices

Dear Conference Attendees,
The conference team have tried very hard over the twenty-plus years to keep our spring gathering as affordable as possible. As we wish to continue providing this community Pagan event we have had to make the difficult decision to put the price of tickets up.
The conference survived the pandemic despite having to cover some ongoing costs. Now all of us have been affected by the cost of living crisis and therefore the operating costs of holding any event have also risen.

Absolutely all of our operating costs have increased.
Very regretfully, we have had to pass some of these costs on, as we cannot operate at a loss.

After the closure of Penstowe, we found what we hope you will agree is a lovely new venue with very high standards of comfort, facilities etc. It is amongst the most reasonably priced in Cornwall, but still considerably more expensive than Penstowe. Transport costs have increased as has accommodation.
We would like to stress that all your organising team are volunteers and that no one receives any payment for any of the work they do for the conference.

We think it is very important to provide this annual get-together for Pagans and magical folk in our region; we will continue to work hard to do this and we hope you will continue to support us.

As always, tickets go on sale from Samhain at midnight (Oct 31st) and will be available from this website or from our postal address. Tickets £24 (before 31st Jan 2022), Late tickets £29.

For our conference in 2023, we offer ticket holders a full day of three speakers, a workshop from a choice of four, and a free pasty on us. We will continue to provide refreshments at a reasonable cost.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all, old friends and new, to Bude next March.
Bright Blessings from the Pagan Phoenix team.

2 thoughts on “Ticket Prices

  1. That is absolutely fine by me, just let us know how much and when I can buy a ticket please, I have already reserved my B & B! you do such an amazing job, it is worth every penny, that is why I travel from Hereford to see you all, it was sad to lose Penstowe, but we have to move on, and you have found a wonderful venue, looking forward to the conference and perhaps seeing our lovely banner up again?  bright blessings,  Amber xx


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