Pagan Phoenix Workshop 2022

Michele TW: Past Life and Ancestral Tarot.
This workshop explores the self through the medium of tarot and unconscious memory.  Tarot is the language of the human condition; it is an excellent pictorial and symbolic vehicle to explore life’s more philosophical and profound questions.  Our souls evolve over many lifetimes and each personality gains insights from multiple points of being.  By tapping into these messages and stories, we can tackle issues in our own lives without needing to experience them firsthand.  Ultimately, we can work towards being the best past life or best ancestor for our descendants to connect with in another time and place. Participants will be able to access an online PDF after the workshop.
We will be reading a spread or two (as time allows) as a group activity using the Rider Waite Smith majors. Participants will be able to access an online PDF after the workshop with some of the material presented on the day. If you wish please bring a pen and paper for notetaking and an RWS deck.

Phoenix Workshops

Bio. Michele TW is a Pagan, a Shamanic Practitioner, and holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art.  She first met the tarot in her teens and has studied the discipline in-depth for over 20 years along with other divination techniques.  Michele has been involved in community-focused Paganism in Devon and Cornwall since 1999.

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