Pagan Phoenix Workshop 2022

Our new venue, the Parkhouse Centre in Bude, has well-equipped workshop spaces and we hope you will enjoy the workshops that we will provide.

Judith Noble: The Court Cards and the Elements: Tarot for creative writing and other artwork.
The court cards are often considered to be one of the more difficult aspects of Tarot.  In this workshop you will learn about the elemental attributions of the various kings, queens, knights and princesses/ pages and how to work with them not only in readings but also in creative work.  They can be used as the basis for creating characters for stories or film scripts, and in other kinds of art and creative work.  
The workshop will include some practical exercises and you will find it helpful to bring a notebook or sketchbook and something to write with.  You will be provided with tarot images that you can take away and use in your own work.

Phoenix Workshops

Bio. Judith Noble who writes under the name of Levannah Morgan, is a witch and experienced Tarot practitioner.  She has worked in the film industry and higher education for many years and has developed methods that teach screen-writers, novelists and other creative people how to use Tarot as the basis for character and story development.

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