7 thoughts on “Conference 2022

  1. That is wonderful news, well done everyone, as I do not have zoom this will be great to be able to meet again, thank you bb


  2. Brilliant news!! Will it be for the daytime only, or will there be evening entertainment as well? Looking forward to seeing everyone again!! Brightest Blessings.


  3. Great news, been waiting for this live venue, like everyone, I was just wondering will there be live music in the evening like previously, I do hope so. Take care everyone see you there, I’ll be that person over their.


    1. The 2022 conference will be a little different in several ways. We have limited resources due to the effects of the pandemic, so we need to build back gradually. This means that the 2022 conference will be a day event. It isn’t possible for us just now to organise an evening social before the conference on Friday, or music on the Saturday evening, but we hope that these elements of the event will be back in future years.


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