Future of conference survey extended

Dear All.

Many thanks for all the replies to our survey received thus far. But there is still time to comment if you have not had the chance so far. The survey will remain open until 31st December.

We value your opinions so please complete the survey if you can.

BB. Phoenix

One thought on “Future of conference survey extended

  1. I’m a regular visitor to the conference for the last x amount years. I enjoy the social meetings and the speakers is interesting and enjoyable, I also like the fact that their entertainment in the evening, along with the bar, but in my opinion the fact that you are able to stay on the grounds over night, which to me is very important part, otherwise I think a lot of people may find it difficult to attend. Also if it kept in Cornwall that would be a bonus. If you could keep all these factors it be great, and I’ll certainly be a continue attending the enjoyable conference. Also like the last person said a work shop would be good if their is time during a one day conference.
    Blessed be.


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