Future of the Pagan Phoenix SW Conference

The Covid 19 Pandemic has not only forced us to cancel the 2021 conference, but also, with the unfortunate closure of our venue, to think about how we want to run things in the future.

We want to ensure that everyone who comes to the conference, or who is interested in coming to the conference, has the opportunity to feed into the decisions that we make about the future of the conferences.

Can you please complete the survey form below to let us know what you want in the future and please ask your friends to do it as well!

Future of Pagan Phoenix SW Conference survey

To say thank you for doing this, if you add your email in the form, we will enter you into a draw for a copy of Gary Lachman’s book on Aleister Crowley. Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Future of the Pagan Phoenix SW Conference

  1. Really hoping that it can remain in Cornwall/Devon area, and continue to invite the interesting speakers that you always find for us! Love contact with the stalls, their fascinating wares, and a truly personal contact with all entertainers as well as the attendees…. The best, most personal conference, from one who doesn’t do en masse pagans any more. Blessed Be


  2. Hello pagan Pheonix, good to hear lfrom you.
    There are 5 of contributing to this reply.
    The general feeling is that we do love the set up we have at Penstow. All being close together lots of interesting and knowledgeable friends old and new. We know Penstow might be some while coming back but we would dearly love something similar if we can. We are all more than happy to contribute if youd like us to.
    Big love, peace, joy and magic to you all
    Tan Lou Deb Sharon and Donna xxx


  3. The current format has been good so I would suggest more along the same lines of speakers , ritual, evening socialising , music , maybe a workshop eg drum birthing ?
    Keeping to a venue which can provide accommodation on site or within walking distance .


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