Penstowe – update

The Pagan Phoenix 2021 conference has been cancelled. We regret this very much but we have no alternative, given the Covid situation. We also now have to find a new venue. 

Very sadly, Penstowe Ltd (the company that owns and runs the venue itself) has gone into liquidation and all the staff have been made redundant.

Pagan Phoenix has been trying to speak directly to the owners of Penstowe about this but without success as yet. Like everybody else, we heard about this via the company’s announcement on Facebook. We are desperately sorry that all our good friends at Penstowe, who have worked so hard for all of us over many years, have lost their jobs at such a difficult time and our thoughts are with them. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for all their support over the last sixteen years.

Chalet accommodation at Penstowe is organised completely separately from Pagan Phoenix, and unfortunately (as we can’t get a response from Penstowe at present) we can’t offer any advice about refunds. We do know that all the chalets at Penstowe are individually owned, and according to the Facebook announcement, the owners of Penstowe are seeking to put together a company to manage the chalets and bookings, but that is all that we know. As Penstowe have been using Facebook to make announcements, it would be sensible to keep an eye on that, or their website (

 Visit Cornwall (the Cornwall Tourist Board) may also be able to provide up to date information and advice. They can be contacted at:
We hope that the conference will be back in 2022.

We are already working to identify potential new venues.


One thought on “Penstowe – update

  1. Thank you for the update, so sad the way this has happened, I have attended for 16 years, knew all the staff as friends, such a wonderful venue, absolutely suited to us, they went out of their way to help, sending good wishes to all. Let us hope we can find another venue for 2022, I look forward to news!


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