Guided Sunday visit to St Petrock’s Well

Simon Carroll is offering this free visit and talk on Sunday 8th March for people attending the conference. Please note this is an independent event and not part of the official conference programme but a lovely opportunity. Make arrangements direct with Simon if you would like to go.

St Petrock’s Well, in the Devon village of Newton St Petrock, had been lost for a number of decades. That is until last year, when an archaeological test dig uncovered it and found the well to be a 3m across plunge pool. The size is not the only interesting feature, as the sides were ‘studded’ with quartz stones.
If you are looking for somewhere to visit, on Sunday 8th March, 11-12, why not come along to the well, where I’ll be delivering a free talk, on site. Parking is limited, but if I have an idea of numbers, I can make arrangement to accommodate more vehicles.
If you are interested, please contact me at More details can then be sent directly to you.
For more information about the well, please visit the research section at

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