Pete Jennings – Speaker 2020

Heathen Pete Jennings recently updated his original 1992 Pathworking book and has written over twenty more on Paganism, Heathenry, Ghosts and Folklore as well as three novels. He was born in 1953 and originates from Ipswich, Suffolk. He recently retired as a registered social worker but is also a qualified psychotherapist. Outside of work he was a President of the Pagan Federation, singer with rock and folk bands, radio presenter and actor. He continues to be an Anglo Saxon re-enactor and would really wish to be remembered for his pioneering work on the Speed of Dark.

The talk will be called Pathworking.

A pathworking is a guided meditation using creative visualisation, but it can be used practically in so many ways as well as developing a person’s spiritual path. Healing, relaxing, practising life skills or simply enjoying yourself are just a few of the benefits. This talk gives straight practical advice on all of those as well as on forming a pathworking group, delivering meditations and constructing your own paths, and will finish with a pathworking to experience.

Check out Pete’s website at

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